We would like this month to congratulate all the fathers for their parenting. The Father's Day is celebrated in several countries at once, such as Andorra, Bolivia, Spain, Equatorial Guinea, Honduras, Italy and Portugal which celebrate it on March 19.

Father's Day taCartaOther countries celebrate it on different dates: Germany on June 1, the U.S. and UK on the third Sunday of June and Egypt on June 21. In August they celebrate it in China (August 8) and Brazil (second Sunday), among others.

Throughout the historical development of civilization there were different models of fatherhood, from Neolitic till today.

During the last half of XX century socially evolves the idea that the child needs to have a close bond with his father to develop his personality. And also, the father gives up sole custody to start sharing with the mother.

These days, the fathers are committed to participate in the care of their children -to share roles from birth- and can express their feelings without that affecting their masculinity.

The paternity of the XXI century helps to develop the child's personality and the durability of the bond between father and child.

Happy Father's Day!