We want to celebrate Christmas with you, so we have organised an exciting Christmas quiz.

It is very easy to participate: you only need to send a comment to this news in the Blog, answering to both of the following questions: 

a.  Why do the Three Wise Men share a donkey? 

b.  If you were again a child, which would be your wish for 2012?

There are three prizes:

    • Prize for the most original and amusing answer
    • Prize for the loveliest answer
    • Prize for participation: it draws lots for the participants, via www.random.org

More than one prize cannot go to the same person.

The quiz begins now and ends on January the 6th at twelve pm. The winners and the most brilliant/genial answers will be published in our Blog on January the 10th of 2012.

At last you got an excuse to compete with your friends!

Excitement is back in your letter box!

PS. Each prize are two letters to be chosen among our collections ones, and we send them anywhere to the person you choose, during the second half of February.