Before revealing who the winners of the Christmas quiz are, we want to thank all participants for their wonderful and dedicated sentences, that made the quiz and the entertainment happen.

We remember the questions:

  1. Why do the Three Wise Men share a donkey?  
  2. If you were a child again, which would be your wish for 2012?

And the three prizes:

    • Prize for the most original and amusing answer
    • Prize for the loveliest answer
    • Prize for participation: it draws lots for the participants, via


The WINNERS are:

  • Prize for the most original and amusing answer: Pilar, for her answer

        “van juntos para ir más calentitos, y de paso echarse unas risas durante el trayecto”

  • Prize for the loveliest answer: Susana, for her answer

        que llegaran a todos los niños del mundo

  • Prize for participation: Candelas, because of her luck.


The FINALIST sentences, that were selected and almost got a prize, were:

 The most original and amusing answer

  • Gonzalo (1st)             “lo del burro es relativo, homenaje a A. Einstein”
  • Matías (2nd)               “que los Reyes Magos fuesen 800”
  • Ara (3rd)                    “2012 la Odisea despacio”

 The loveliest answer

  • Dani (1st)                   “que mi madre viva eternamente”
  • Carlos (2nd)               “¡un montón de amigos!”
  • Luis (3rd)                   “health, love and imagination for the New Year”

During this week we will be in contact with the winners to manage the delivery of the prizes.

Thank you to everybody and HAPPY 2012.