UNESCO hostes the World Digital Library (WDL) devoted to promote universal access to knowledge. A gift to mankind that initially contained 1200 texts that now are over 6500 items "with heritage value that will allow to learn about the cultures of the world in different languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese. But there are online documents in over 50 languages", explained project coordinator.

Among the oldest documents that are available, we can list the following ones: the first maps of America drawn by Diego Gutiérrez for the King of Spain in 1562, codices contributed by Mexico, the Gutenberg Bible, Arabic treatises on algebra, and what it is considered the first printed text, the Hyakumanto darani, a Japanese document published in the year 764.

The Library is available online through the site http://www.wdl.org/ and is freely accessible. The documents have been scanned in their original language and a complete description per each one is also available in the seven languages mentioned above.

The Library has many original handwritten letters, therefore you may enjoy the pleasure of reading a good letter through another communication channel, the WDL one. 

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