Frequently asked questions


0.    What are taCarta letters?

Our letters are in fact original stories, full of illustrations, presented in collections grouped together by topic (Travels, Mystery, etc) and age, and published in letter format so that they can be delivered through your letter box when you are least expecting it. 

If you are tired of receiving bills, advertising and other boring post, surprise yourself and order one of our amazing letters. Excitement is back in your letter box!

1.    I would like to send a child a birthday present, but I’m not sure that they will enjoy a letter. Can you help me?

The creators of taCarta have sent letters to our children for years and we can assure you that children love receiving surprise letters through the letter box at home!... at any time!

Our letters contain funny texts with lots of drawings. They are personalised and printed on high quality ecological paper: a very special gift that can be collected. 

Our letters are the perfect way to amuse a child and foster a love of reading. 

See "Suggested age" in any product file, it will help you to choose.

2.    Are taCarta letters personalised?

When you place an order on the website and tell us who the letter is for, we bring this letter to life through our personalisation process.

A personalised letter heading is therefore prepared, put in an envelope and sent out to its destination. The heading says, for instance, "Dear Leo", "Buenas noches, Leo", etc. depending on the language chosen for the letter. The addressee can enjoy the content of the present and the pleasure of receiving a letter with their name on its heading.

REMEMBER to tell us the name of the person you want to send the letter to in the Name field of your Shopping Cart.

3.    Who writes the taCarta letters?

Every letter is created by several unique authors. If you would like to find out who they are, go to the product file attached to every letter in the collections to view their names. Take a look at our Collections, edited by TaCarta just for you.

4.    How will I know who has sent me the letter?

On the front of the envelope, next to a mini envelope drawing, is the name of the person who has sent you the letter and their brief note. With this information you can thank them for your gift.

5.    What do we do with your personal information?

 For further details about how we treat your personal information, visit our Privacy Policy.

6.    I’ve ordered a letter and in the Period field in the Shopping Cart, I didn’t click on the "once" option. Will I receive the letter several times?

The period field only applies when you buy TWO or more letters. If you have only bought one letter, this field will not be taken into account when sending out your order. 

7.    I would like to send a letter to a child, but I'd like to put the name of the adult who lives with this child on the envelope. How can I do this?

Parents sometimes prefer an adult to receive the letter and for them to pass the envelope on to the child it is meant for.

The easiest way to do this is to go to the SURNAMES field on the order form (page ½ of the Checkout process) and after you've entered the surnames of the adult to whom you are addressing the envelope, add the child's name “(for CHILD’S-NAME)”. For example:

                        Liz Real Plom (for Leo)

                        Ball Square 3

                        YO62 4ER

                        United Kingdom

The letter inside the envelope will of course be personalised for the CHILD if you completed the child's name (in our example Name: Leo) in the “personalise” field of the Shopping Cart.

8.    I would like to send two letters to two different people who live at the same address

If you want to send letters to two different people with the same delivery address, you need to place TWO orders. Each order is linked to a single addressee. 

9.    If I want the letter to arrive on a particular day, what do I need to do?

In the Shopping Cart there is a box where you can select the week in which you would like us to send out the letter. Add on the average delivery time for your country of destination (see the Order & Delivery section for more information) and you will be able to calculate the approximate date on which your letter will arrive.

It is not possible to specify an exact day of delivery, so it is better that the letter reaches its destination BEFORE a special date and lies SLEEPING in the letter box until the required day.

10.    What methods of payment can be used? How do they work?

Purchases can be paid for electronically using a credit/debit card or via other methods indicated.

After doing Checkout in the Shopping Cart, it appears the shipping data. Once filled in you may choose the payment method between:

  •  PayPal account
  •  Credit/debit cards 

By default, PayPal shows the Shipping address in the billing information. Nevertheless, remember that PayPal sends no bill to the address registered by them. The relevant data for the shipping of the order are the ones introduced by you in our shop.

The payment transactions are secured and encrypted, and we do not have access to your payment data. For more information about security and services of the payment platform visit its web:

11.    What happens if I do not include the person’s first name when placing an order?

If you have not completed the addressee’s name in the “personalise” field of the Shopping Cart (Name), a non-personalised letter will be sent out. The addressee can still enjoy the content of the present, although not the pleasure of receiving a letter with their name on it.

12.    What happens if the letter doesn’t arrive on the expected day?

We suggest you follow the steps below:

Step 1. Check the average delivery times in accordance with the destination. If the average delivery times have already lapsed since the delivery date you indicated, go to Step 2. If not, wait.

Step 2. Check that the addressee’s details are correct. If they are, go to Step 3. If these details are not correct, place a new order or contact our Customer Service Department by email ( entering DELIVERY PROBLEMS and the order number (provided in the confirmation email you have received) in the subject field.

Step 3. Contact our Customer Service Department by email ( entering DELIVERY PROBLEMS and the order number in the subject field. If we have made a mistake with the delivery details that you correctly provided, we will send an identical product free of charge to the original delivery address once these details have been confirmed. For further information, go to section 5 of the Terms of Service.

13.    What happens if the letter is damaged on delivery?

Our production, printing and delivery processes are of the highest quality so that our letters arrive at their destinations in perfect condition. If, however, a letter is damaged on delivery, please let us know by sending an email to our Customer Service Department ( entering RETURNS and the relevant order number in the subject field. For more information, go to section 6 of the Terms of Service.

14.    Are the details and experiences in the stories 100% true?

The answer is fortunately no. Don’t forget that these are literary texts and sometimes, creativity takes precedence over reality. We are however rigorous with the details included in the stories, provided that they are compatible with fiction.