Terms of Use

Terms of Use and Legal Notice

1. Website ownership

The company that owns the website identified as www.tacarta.com (hereinafter The Website) is TaCarta Ediciones, S.L., a company legally incorporated in Spain and registered in the Asturias Mercantile Register. Contact details: Apdo. de Correos nº 2, 33420 Asturias, Spain, info@tacarta.com. The company owning The Website shall hereinafter be called the Company.

2. Accepting the terms

These Terms of Use and Legal Notice (hereinafter, Legal Notice) regulate use of The Website provided by the Company for public use on the current URL. If you do not agree with the terms outlined, do not access, surf or use The Website.

If a third party uses The Website, they are considered to be a User and this implies that they fully accept each and every one of the terms in this Legal Notice.

The Company may offer products or services on The Website that are subject to certain specific terms that replace, complete and/or alter this Legal Notice. The User shall be informed in each specific case.

3. Using the Website

The User agrees to use the Website, its content and services in accordance with the law, this Legal Notice, good customs and public order. The User likewise agrees to refrain from using the Website or the services provided via the Website for unlawful purposes or aims or contrary to the terms set out in this Legal Notice, to the detriment of the interests and rights of third parties, or in any way that could damage, render useless or spoil the Website or its services or which could prevent other Users from using the Website in the normal way.

The User expressly agrees not to destroy, render useless, alter or in any other way damage the information, images, programmes or electronic and other related documents found on the Company’s Website.

The User agrees not to prevent other users from accessing the service via the mass consumption of the IT resources used by the Company to provide the service and not to undertake actions that damage, interrupt or result in errors in such systems.

The User agrees not to introduce programmes, viruses, applets, macros, ActiveX controls or any other logical or character based sequences that cause or could cause the IT systems belonging to the Company or to third parties to be altered in any way.

4. Industrial and intellectual property rights

All content on the Website, unless otherwise indicated, belongs exclusively to the Company or to third parties who have authorised its inclusion on such Website and, without limitation, the graphic design, source code, texts, graphics, illustrations, work, photos and other elements that appear on the Website.

All names and commercial or registered brands, logos and/or distinctive symbols of any kind included on the Website are protected by law.

The Company shall not grant the User any kind or licence or authorisation for personal use with regards industrial and intellectual property rights or any other kind of right relating to the Website and the services offered on it.

The User recognises and accepts that the reproduction, communication, distribution, transformation and, generally speaking, any other kind or type of use, in whole or in part, of the Website content constitutes a breach of the intellectual and/or industrial rights of the Company or of the holder of such rights.

5. Responsibility for using the Website

The User is solely responsible for any infringements they could commit or for the damages they may cause when using the Website. The Company, its partners, employees, representatives and contributors shall be exonerated from any kind of responsibility arising from the User’s actions. The User shall assume the expenses, costs and compensation incurred by the Company as a result of complaints or lawsuits brought about by third parties against the Company, as a result of the User using the Website.

The Company shall assume that any minor who accesses the Website has the express and prior authorisation of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who shall be responsible for any action taken by the minor in their care, in accordance with current legislation.

6. Responsibility for the Website content

The Website may host advertising content or be sponsored in part. The Company shall not be responsible for any mistakes, inaccuracies or irregularities that could affect the advertising content or that of sponsors and the advertisers and sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring the truthfulness, accuracy and legal nature of the material provided for inclusion on the Website.

The Company shall do everything in its power, using the resources it has available, to provide up-to-date and accurate information on the Website. The Company however shall not guarantee or accept responsibility for potential mistakes, inaccuracies or omissions in the content that can be accessed via the Website.

If the User comes across any mistakes or irregularities in the advertising or other content on the Website, they are asked to please inform our Administration Department by sending an email to info@tacarta.com, including CONTENT PROBLEMS in the subject field.

7. Responsibility for the running of the Website

The Company is not responsible for any damages arising from: a) interference, interruptions, IT viruses, a lack of connection in the operational running of the electronic circuit or faults in the telecommunications systems, b) blockages or delays to the operational running of the electronic system caused by faults or overloaded telephone or internet lines and/or c) illegal interference undertaken by third parties beyond the Company’s control or caused by factors unrelated to the Company.

In order to improve the service provided, the Company reserves the right to suspend access to the Website temporarily and without giving prior notice in order to carry out maintenance work or improvements.

8. Responsibility for Website links

Website links may take the User to other websites owned by third parties and these links are provided in order to help the User access other sources of information.

The Company is exempt from all responsibility arising from the operation of such links, the result obtained from clicking on them, the truthfulness and/or legal nature of the content that may be accessed and for any potential damages the User may suffer by virtue of the information obtained through the linked website.

If the User comes across any mistakes or irregularities in any of the links included on the Website, they are asked to please inform our Customer Service Department by sending an email to info@tacarta.com so that such links may be deactivated.

9. Privacy policy

See the Company’s Privacy Policy.

10. User communications

The User guarantees that the information, content and comments that do not constitute their own personal information and which are provided over the Website do not violate the industrial or intellectual property rights of third parties or any other legal regulation.

The Company understands that such information, content and comments provided by the User are not of a confidential nature and reserves the right to use such information as appropriate.

11. Altering the terms of use

The Company reserves the right to alter, develop or update the Website’s Legal Notice at any time and without giving prior notice. The User is automatically bound by the Legal Notice in effect at the time of accessing the Website and should therefore read such Legal Notice periodically.

12. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

This Legal Notice is governed in accordance with current Spanish legislation. The parties shall submit any interpretation or controversy arising from this Legal Notice to the jurisdiction of the courts in the city of Madrid.